Finding Indonesias perfect wave

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Finding Indonesias perfect wave mentawai islands surfing

SurfingSumatrais all about the necklace of islands that lie off the west coast. Nias, in the far north, is the most famous. An almost hypnotically perfect righthander, this wave has always been considered perfect, but following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami the wave actually improved dramatically after the reef rose upward by around a metre and made the wave hollower, faster and much more consistent.

Good as Nias is though if you ask the average surfer where they'd most like to go surfing the answer will almost invariably be theMentawai Islands. These islands are home to more world class surf spots than any other place on Earth and it's almost a given that on any single day of the year unbelievable waves will be breaking somewhere in the Mentawais. Surf trips here have long been the preserve of (expensive) boat charters and (equally expensive) surf resorts, but for the adventurous it's still possible to charter a local fishing boat and put together your own Mentawai adventure.